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The Upper Room experience includes being part of powerful preaching and teaching, which prepares and equips the members to be strong Christians, anointed servants and passionate apologists who pursue all aspects of life with a biblical worldview. Everything that an individual needs to become a productive Christian, whether it's salvation, healing, hope, strength, encouragement or deliverance, can be obtained by hearing this mighty Word of God.

Upper Room Church History 

It was in 1980, that our God's mission of establishing a Church of God in Christ in Raleigh, NC, began it's formation through God's servant, Superintendent James Henry Turner, Sr. The formation of this ministry was actually impregnated in Superintendent Turner's spirit through a vision from God 16 years before it's birth, while he was pastoring churches in Rockingham and Southern Pines, NC. 

The Ministry began in July 1980 when God led Superintendent Turner to conduct Revival services at the Raleigh YMCA on Bloodworth Street. During that meeting, God revealed to him in a vision the building to be used  to establish the church. Upon providing a detailed description of the building to a realtor, he was led to 415 East Martin Street. 

To enhance the spiritual growth of the church family and community, Superintendent Turner formed organized units such as the Upper Room Bible Institute, a Scholarship foundation, a Feed the Hungry Program, and monthly fellowship dinners for college students. By 1986, the membership exceeded two hundred and plans were underway for a new edifice. 

Shortly before Superintendent Turner's illness, God directed him to get one of his young sons in the gospel (Elder Wooden) to conduct a revival at the Upper Room during the week of May eighteenth through May twenty-second. Superintendent Turner had no idea that this would be his last week of life, but God knew. After the revival was over, God impressed upon the heart of Deacon Joseph Morgan and Deacon Dortry Miller to ask Elder Wooden to pastor the Upper Room. They expressed their wishes to Greater N.C. Jurisdictional Bishop, L.B. Davenport. 

Under Pastor Wooden's leadership, many new ministries were formed to enhance the spiritual growth of the church, such as married couples, singles, single parents, women, college outreach, covenant care, prison, men, and youth ministries. Not only were spiritual needs of the church and community being met, but also physical needs through programs such as the home and foreign missions. This is a program that is still currently used to feed thousands and provide emergency assistance to individuals in the community. 

By 1990, the Upper Room had outgrown its present edifice. After seeking God for direction, Superintendent Wooden introduced to the church, plans for building a new sanctuary. On February 14, 1998, we had our first service at our new 37,000 square foot, 2,000 seat edifice and multipurpose facility located at 3300 Idlewood Village Drive. 

The Lord commissioned Superintendent Wooden to build a Christian school early in his ministry at Upper Room. It would be a school where the students would receive a high-quality education and they would be taught to know the God of the Bible. Superintendant Wooden has received national notoriety for his work and efforts. The North Carolina Of Theology recognized the work of Bishop Wooden and afforded him the opportunity to pursue a Doctorate of Theology, which he received in June 2007. He is esteemed as a Christian apologist, with his allegiance to biblical Christianity placing him on the front lines of religious battle, where he promotes Jesus Christ in all spectrums of society. His stance on social issues, such as protecting traditional marriage, keeping Christ in Christmas, fighting the homosexual agenda, and crying out against the murder of the unborn has propelled him into the mainstream. 

God has truly blessed the works of our hands at the Upper Room Ministries, and we are not finished yet. There are many things that God has put in the spirit of our leader for us to do. We continue to seek God for a greater manifestation of his presence, we are yet seeing the Lord enlarge our borders for the increase that he has preordained in this last and evil day. 

The success of the ministry here at the Upper Room is an example of what will happen when you put God First. 


About Our Pastor 


Bishop Patrick Lane Wooden, Sr. has been saved and serving the Lord for 40 years. He has been in the pastoral ministry for more than 35 years. He accepted Christ at the age of 16 and his life has been an example of what God can do when you give Him your whole heart at an early age. He attributes his success to God’s grace, mercy, and unmerited favor. He resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife of thirty-seven years, Pamela McNeil Wooden. They have two adult children, a son-in-law and three grandchildren! 



About our First Lady 


First Lady Pamela Wooden was born and reared in Rockingham, North Carolina where she accepted Christ as her Savior at the age of 16. She attended Richmond County Schools and later earned an Associate Degree in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion from Liberty University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude.



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