I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. ~ I Timothy 2:8

» Man Down (Men’s Shelter, Food Bank)

The Man Down ministry works collaboratively through building relationships with Men's shelters. They support the men by providing them with clothing, hats, gloves, socks, furniture, and bible study. This ministry seeks to meet the spiritual and physical needs of men at a low point in life by serving in the community; helping men to realize their importance in the community, their families, and the next generation of leaders which are the children of today.

» Interdepartmental Partnership

Happy Warriors: Fighting for the lives of the unborn.
Each One Reach One: Campaigns dedicated to witnessing to the loss.

Words of Wisdom moments: Speaking to and imparting wisdom, life skills and guidance to the young men and up and coming youth brothers.

Music & Fine Arts
Men’s praise team and musical events.

Heavy support of all pertinent women’s ministry initiatives, events, campaigns and services.

» Men's In-Reach Ministry

The mission of the In-Reach ministry is to reach men inside the church, whether members or visitor's, building lasting relationships that will bear fruit for the kingdom of God and support the vision of our leader.

» Men’s In-Reach: Deals with scope and influence

This program reaches in and out of the church to influence brothers and young men with the love of Jesus Christ. This is captured by the wide range of functions, tasks, roles and servanthood which ensures that the love of Christ is displayed and shown by Upper Room brothers. This manifests with correspondence to the Sick And Shut-In ministry, as we comfort and support those during the loss of loved ones; in effort to show the love of Christ, where souls are won to Christ, and others are strengthened and resolved to stay with Christ, during the difficulties of life.

» Men's Out-Reach Ministry

The mission of the Men's Out-Reach ministry is to encourage men to serve our Lord Jesus Christ, and be seen as men of strength, character, and leadership that will draw men, women and children into a redemptive relationship with Jesus Christ.

» Sick and Shut-in/ Death in Family

The mission of this ministry is to support our brothers and sisters in Christ; seeing that loving concern is being expressed in whatever ways are appropriate in times of sickness and death such as cards, physical and monetary assistance, and hospitality visits.

» Creed of a “Qualified Man”

Men of Prayer, Men of Worship, Men of Praise, Men of Pride, Men of Passion, Men of Purpose… Qualified Men!