I will therefore that men pray every where, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting. ~ I Timothy 2:8

» Purpose Statement

Our purpose is to promote the vision of the Pastor by inspiring women to live a wholesome and Christ-centered life, grow deeper in their love for God and one another, share their faith with other women and use their gifts in ministry.

The Women’s Ministry’s purpose is carried out through our SISTERS Fellowship. Here they are taught and inspired to love one another and live holy as women professing godliness. Additionally, the purpose is promoted in our auxiliaries as women are provided opportunities to serve the church and community using their unique God-given gifts, talents, skills and abilities.

The Women’s Ministry is designed to keep the women connected to the church without getting lost in the crowd or feeling like one in a number of so many. There is something for women of all ages, whether married or single and regardless to where one is in life. All women are welcomed and encouraged to become actively involved in some aspect of the Women’s Ministry. By doing so, the church will become a place where women feel a part of and connected to other believers.

» SISTERS Fellowship

SISTERS (Saved Involved Sisters Together Encouraging Respecting and Supporting one another) is the center of the department where all women from all auxiliaries in the department come together as one for interactive Bible study and fellowship. Our goal is to build relationships, promote togetherness, provide a sense of community and create a spirit of sisterhood and accountability among the women of God. Clearly one of the deepest cries of the soul is the desire to belong and connect. A woman longs for a place where she is accepted, loved, respected, known and cared for. The SISTERS Fellowship’s greatest objective is to provide that type of environment among the women, so that, as we grow large, we stay connected and maintain that sense of community. The fellowship also provides times of prayer, fellowship, networking and other social events throughout the year.

» Auxiliaries

The Adjutant Sisters - These ladies serve as special assistants to the First Lady before and during services and special church related events. In their role as pulpit hostesses, they make sure the First Lady’s guests are warmly received and properly seated. They also attend to the needs of the Pastor and guest speakers by ensuring that the pulpit is adequately supplied with water, towels and other necessary items. They work in concert with the Pastor’s armor bearers to serve the Pastor and the pulpit. Ladies who serve in this function should possess the temperament necessary to discreetly serve, and go in and out among the leaders and their guest with grace, poise, dignity and confidentiality.

» Aid To Mothers (ATM)

The main objective of ATM is to provide help, support and assistance to the Mother’s Board during services and events as needed. They may also assist the church mothers when they are in need of help in their homes, when they need someone to visit them while they are convalescing, run errands or to provide transportation to and from church.Those who serve in this group should possess a sweet spirit, a kind and calm disposition and have the love and patience necessary to handle the elderly with tender love and care.

» Artistic Fingers (Sewing Circle)

The Sewing Circle is one of the original auxiliaries of the Church of God in Christ. It is designed for women of all ages to come together to use their sewing, arts and craft skills to make items that may be needed in the church and community organizations such as altar cloths, pillows, table cloths, napkins, curtains, etc. It is also designed to teach others to use their fingers artistically in the areas of sewing and crafts. This auxiliary is a great auxiliary for those who are looking for a laid back atmosphere to get involved.

» Fit 4 Praise

This ministry is dedicated to educating, motivating and encouraging Christians to take responsibility for the physical stewardship of their bodies. Christian fellowship is encouraged while exercising and nutrition classes are offered to provide written and hands on experience about the importance of healthy eating. The Fit 4 Life Ministry is open to both women and men and occasionally goes outside the church into the community to provide a tool through which the unsaved can experience Christian Fellowship through health and fitness.

» Hospitality Committee

The Hospitality Committee serves as the official greeters to the church. They are responsible for making sure the atmosphere at the entrances of the church is warm, welcoming and receptive for all who enter our doors, especially our visitors and special guests. Members of this committee should possess a sweet spirit and a kind, friendly disposition, as they are one of the first people to greet our visitors and members when they come to church. More often than not, Hospitality makes the first impression of the church to the attendees. Some of our duties are: to serve as greeters at Sunday morning services and special events, assist visitors and members during services as needed, to serve as hostesses at special events and to serve the Pastor, First Lady and their guest after service as needed.

» In Reach Ministry (IRM)

This auxiliary is designed to service the needs of women in the church similar to the way HR does for a company. Its main function is to make sure the women are affiliated with the Women’s Department and are familiarized with how we operate, what we have to offer and how they can be of service within the department. This auxiliary will also assist us with retention of members by being aware of who is not attending church, why they are not attending and how we can help them get back in church.

IRM is to make sure support is provided to women who are sick, distressed and unable to attend service. IRM will coordinate inreach efforts with auxiliary leaders in the Women’s Ministry (WM) to ensure that retention efforts are maximized. IRM will also represent the WM in new member’s class periodically to make sure women who join the church are affiliated and familiarized with the WM.

» Intercessory Prayer Team

The Intercessory Prayer Team is the engine behind the Women’s Department. It consists of a group of dedicated women who come together once a month for prayer because true intercessors bear and sense a burden to call upon the Lord for help on behalf of others. Intercession involves fasting, prayer, worship, persistence and determination. In addition to interceding on behalf of the Women’s Ministry, IPT prays for the church, the Pastor and his family, lost souls, the sick and shut-in, special events, and other petitions. Once a year, we hold a powerful prayer breakfast for all women in the ministry and the community to attend.

» Married Couples Planning Committee

The Married Couples Ministry focuses on marriage enrichment for all married and engaged couples within the church. Believing that God ordained marriage as a union between a man and a woman and that strong marriages make strong churches, the class places special emphasis on the roles of the husband and wife providing practical truths for them to be successful in married life. The Planning Committee coordinates special events such as the Valentines Social, Couples Breakfasts, Retreats and other fellowship events. The committee also coordinates the efforts of the Marriage Enrichment class, assist in soul winning efforts of unsaved spouses, support Pastor and First Lady Wooden in their endeavors to keep strong marriages throughout the ministry and continually seek opportunities to invite other married couples to attend classes and special events.

» Ministers Wives Circle

The Minister’s Wives Circle consists of women who are married to the elders and ministers within the church. This auxiliary is designed to provide support, training, encouragement and understanding for the wives who hold such unique positions. These women are taught, as his suitable helper, to love and support their husbands, to be faithful and loyal supporters of the church, to participate in the women’s work, to love people, to understand that they are often examples to other women, and to embrace and accept the Lord’s will for their husbands as it relates to ministry. The group meets regularly to discuss issues that are unique to their vocation, and to hold social events for fellowship and to build strong supportive relationships with the First Lady and one another.

» Missionary Circle

The Missionary Circle consists of women who have answered the call of God to teach/preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to serve in various capacities throughout the church or to serve in the mission field locally or abroad. The group consists of Aspirant, Deaconess and Evangelist Missionaries. The Missionary Circle offers these women training, preparation, and fellowship so that they may be productive in the local church, district, jurisdictional and even the national work. The work of the Missionary includes but is not limited to: visiting the sick, soul winning, altar assistance, Holy Communion assistance, Baptismal assistance, community service, evangelism locally and abroad and whatever their hands find to do to the glory of God and for the up-building of His kingdom. Our tools for preparation are seminars and training sessions, Tuesday night teaching and preaching services, mentoring and impromptu opportunities to minister.

» Moms Supporting Moms (MSM)

Moms Supporting Moms help provide mothers and expecting mothers with biblical guidance, support, and encouragement in the areas of pregnancy, rearing children, early motherhood, and motherhood in general. It provides resources and support so that moms will be more confident and effective in their roles as a mom and a wife. MSM also assist in organizing baby showers, helping with housework and childcare when needed. MSM helps to encourage the mother to stay connected by attending church services and MSM’s meetings, so that she will not feel alone during this exciting and sometimes difficult time in her life. MSM also provides an items exchange event once a year for mothers in the church and community to come and shop and exchange items for free. In the exchange, we are able to provide clothing, bedding, and furniture to children whose families may not be able to obtain these items otherwise.

» Mother’s Board

The Mother’s Board is for women who are 65 years of age or older and have been saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled member in good standings for over 5 years. The Mother’s Board serves as a place of honor, respect, work and rest for the elderly women of the church who have gained a reputation as respectable holy women because of their years of faithfulness, loyalty and devotion to God, His work, His people and their family. While church mothers are off the front lines of service, they are yet given to teaching the younger women, providing wise counsel, interceding in prayer and serving as mentors and examples of holiness and righteousness. They also serve in other areas of the ministry as they are led and are able.

» Music and Arts Committee

The Music and Arts Committee plans and organizes the music and artistic functions of the Women’s Department. They communicate and coordinate our needs and desires to and work in conjunction with the Minister of Music. The Music and Arts Committee is responsible for the planning and organization of: the Women’s Choir, the Women’s Praise Team, and the dance and drama presentations. Its goal is to offer worthy praise and worship to God expressed through the arts. They serve and perform during the women’s events and services as often as needed.

» Sisters of Jubilee

The Sisters of Jubilee is a support group for women 45 years of age and older. We have Bible studies and discussions on issues that relate to women of their particular season of life. We have great fellowship times where we socialize, go on outings together to build wholesome relationships with each other. We play a great role in supporting the elderly mothers of our church, visiting the sick and shut-in, and serving in whatever area needed

» Sisters of Abigail

The Sisters of Jubilee is a support group for women 45 years of age and older. We have Bible studies and discussions on issues that relate to women of their particular season of life. We have great fellowship times where we socialize, go on outings together to build wholesome relationships with each other. We play a great role in supporting the elderly mothers of our church, visiting the sick and shut-in, and serving in whatever area needed.

» Young Women’s Christian Council (YWCC)

The YWCC serves as a support group for ladies 18 to 40. Its mission is to teach and demonstrate God First principles from the young woman’s perspective and to deal with issues that are specific to women within that age range. These issues include: maintaining our relationship with God, building wholesome friendships, career, dating, financial management, health and emotional fitness, and college life. We discuss issues in a relaxed “for ladies only” environment so that we can delve into the heart of our issues and discover biblical truth.