Women's ministry

Join us as we inspire women to live a purposeful life in Christ, grow in our relationship with God and each other, and share our faith with those who’ve yet to know the Lord.


2nd Tuesday Night Sisters is an interactive and socially engaging Bible study in which women meet monthly from March to October. Considered the focal point of Upper Room’s women’s ministry, 2nd Tuesday Night Sisters is an opportunity for women to experience unprecedented spiritual and social growth. The three pillars of the Women’s Ministry are discipleship, mentorship, and fellowship.

All women long to connect with God and with each other, so it’s no wonder 2nd Tuesday Night Sisters continues to expand its spiritual sisterhood. If you’ve been searching for an invigorating community that fosters growth, healing, and connection, we look forward to meeting you.

Upper Room COGIC’s women’s ministry provides multiple opportunities for women to serve, learn, and use their God-given gifts.

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Do you have a fondness for the elderly? If so, your sweet and calming spirit belongs with our Aid to Mothers (ATM) group. The ATM team is focused on serving our church mothers through our Mother’s Board, just as they’ve so graciously served us throughout their years.

Our bodies are temples that are to be used to glorify God. Fit 4 Praise acts on that belief by educating and encouraging Christians to take responsibility for the physical stewardship of their bodies.

Visitors to Upper Room feel warmly welcomed the minute they walk in our doors. This is due to the sweet-spirited ladies of The Hospitality Committee. These friendly greeters help create the inviting atmosphere that Upper Room is known for.

All the wonderful groups discussed on this page would be nothing without the countless women who’ve joined them. The In Reach Ministry (IRM) ensures that women at Upper Room 1) know about each opportunity, 2) are familiar with this ministry, and 3) understand how they can be of service within our women’s ministry. The IRM team also helps with the retention of church members by being aware of who is not attending church, why they are not attending, and how we can help lead them back to church. Finally, the IRM team coordinates efforts to support anyone who is sick, troubled, or simply unable to attend church.

Prayer is at the center of everything we do here at Upper Room. Nowhere is this more evident than with The Intercessory Prayer Team. This group of Spirit-led ladies meet once a month to intercede on behalf of the specific needs of women.

We at Upper Room believe in celebrating God’s gift of marriage. Our Married Couples Ministry does this by coordinating special events such as retreats, couples’ breakfasts, a Valentines social, and other fun fellowship activities. The team also facilitates our Marriage Enrichment class and supports Bishop and First Lady as they try to strengthen marriages throughout our ministry.

The Ministers’ Wives Circle is made up of women who are married to the elders and ministers within our church. As women who hold unique positions of God-anointed power within the church body, these spiritual leaders provide each other with unending support, training, and encouragement.

Christ commands us to preach His gospel to the world. The Missionary Circle consists of women who have joyfully answered that call. They succeed in growing Upper Room’s missions ministry, as well as the kingdom of God at large.

Upper Room COGIC is blessed to be the home church of several elderly women who have glorified God with their faithfulness and willingness to serve others. As a result, the Mother’s Board exists to honor and respect these women, all of whom are at least 65 years of age and have been members of good standing for more than a decade.

We believe that creativity is a God-given attribute that distinguishes us from His other creatures. Hence, we celebrate creativity in all its forms. Our Music and Fine Arts Committee organizes and implements the music and artistic functions of our multi-talented women’s ministry. They facilitate the women’s choir, the women’s praise team, and the women’s dance and drama team.

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